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by Run it's the Kid

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Anamika Gaur
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Anamika Gaur Your music has a soul that has completely absorbed mine. I'm so glad to have discovered you guys! Favorite track: Love we're made from Porcelain.
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released February 29, 2016

recorded at BlooperHouse Studios in Calcutta by Miti Adhikari
mixed at TopStep Studios by Miti Adhikari
mastered at 24-96 Mastering by Robin Schmidt
artwork by Sawani Kumar

we'd like to thank:
Ananda Sen for the twin
Avinash Chordia for the kit
Neel Adhikari for the cub 10
Sanket Saraiya for the keylab
Sanjay Das for your brain
Arpan Guhathakurta for the sansamp
Miti Adhikari for all the mics, the Martin, the P-Bass, the GT-6, and all the years of experience
and all the people that gave us money after the gig at Akshara Theatre.



all rights reserved


Run it's the Kid New Delhi, India

A moody waltz band based out of New Delhi, India. Playing shows since early 2013, they now find themselves on the other side of their debut album which is set to release in February. The album is comprised of songs, some of which being sombre ballads about how people choose to live their lives, and others being plain, playful (and sometimes depressing) songs about falling in and out of love. ... more

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Track Name: Forgetting how to Swim
You say
That I'm a liar
You say
That i am a leech
That I'm headed
For the fire
Im going
To the police
But i tried
To make it better
I tried
To make it look good
But you didn't
Wanna bother
You told me off
Just like you did
So many times
and for so long

So we played it
Like we oughta'
We played it
Just like we should
With one hand
Upon the rudder
and plans to
Polish the wood
But you said
"We're under water"
You said that
You had understood
That it takes alota'
Patience to swim
Through all the
Multicoloured sorrow
That we were in
and slowly you're
Forgetting how to swim
Track Name: Love we're made from Porcelain
Boots to the gravel
Horses in saddles
and slings,
Chins to the sky
As if we were soldiers
Born to take orders
We'd stand with our
Heads held so high
Don't worry about manners
For we've got
High standards
We talk with our
Feet on the floor
Like birds to a feather
We all flock together
Where alls for one
and one's for all

But you're lost
Yeah, you're scattered
The cost never mattered
To you
Oh, it's true
You've barely been able
To choose

Love, love what have you
Done to me?
You locked me in and then
Swallowed the key
Love, love what have you
Done to me?
Love, you told me we were
Meant to be
Love, you told me
You were my best friend
That you'd stick with me
Until the end
Love, why'd you even
Have me try?
Love, you knew that
I was petrified
Love, you told me that your
Hands were clean
Love, love we're made from porcelain
Track Name: One Time
I woke up on the wrong side of my bed
I sat and stared at the moonlight
I simply will not stand up against you
I barely recovered the last time.

Since, all the fortunes I thought could be mine
have been swallowed by the unhindered seas
I'll jump off from the cliffs into crystal clears
the waters run so deep I have no fear.

Well you can't be certain
that I will be hurt when
you say goodbye to me.
The truth about falling so hard
now dawns on me
the dust and the dirt
they come off easy.

One time let me stare
for if I forget.
Track Name: The Big Parachute
to choose
to win or to loose
to sleep and to snooze
and to furnish
the excuse
the hats and the boots
the big parachutes
and the whistlin'
of storms
of prose and of poems
of trees and of thorns
and of ceilings
for faith
for love and for hatred
for knives and for plates
and for pretending

to fall
and curse at the wall
and swear that its all
just some lookalike
and to groan
to scream and to moan
and strive to disown
all the little lies
that you told
for silver for gold
to squeeze and to hold
and to throw around
at the crowd
who all speak aloud
who say the they're proud
and they're all aboard

where are you gong?
why can't you just find me?
for im just some passenger
walking the line
biding my time

for blood
that dripped in the mud
that washed in the flood
of the season
and to shun
to hide and to run
to do whats been done

where are you going?
why can't you just find me?
how could you ever be so far behind?
what are the answers that you didn't tell me?
for im just some passenger
walking the line
biding my time
Track Name: Aimless Quest
away we go
away from here
to back and beyond
through cracks and clears
down to the road
where all is lost
and vacant again
for winds to cross
in time
its vacant again
to draw the line
we're drawing out the line
we're building up the time

and in the
coming days that fall
we'll make for the breeze
that drives us all
through stranger days
and old regrets
that sail through the air
and hold us
to our breath
they sail through the air,
they do their best
to put us to the test
but still it is an aimless quest
Track Name: Souls to Save
you bent your knees
theres locks and keys
to all your secret trunks
you labelled your
socks and sleeves
you combed your hair
you stopped and stared
into your reflection
to see
what you could not bear
you clapped your hands
you made your plans
you worked your way
through the scorching sands
you looked so sad
you felt so bad
you bolted doors
every chance you had

you sat down
to reap your frown
and to read the signs
off the back of old trucks
and trays
you lost faith
you suffocated on
the smoke you claimed
with lungs of gold
etched in fate
so hide your face
save your grace
break some hearts
leave no trace
its only real
what you feel
its understood
you cant conceal

so don't fear
don't you shed a tear
its okay
your safe
living your day to day
isn't that what you claimed
to say
that you
were never ashamed
just a glimpse
and it'll be over
and in the end
your just a grown soul
to save
Track Name: A Great Big Scare
look what they're saying
look what you've done
you played the fool
you had all the fun
is this what it's all about?
is this what you've become?

not that you're asking
not that you care
it's more about
all the clothes that you wear
the spots on your face
and that dreaded
head full of hair

go clean it up
before you give these
nice people
a great big scare

you were always so fast
you were so young
the days couldn't keep count
the games that you'd won
and we'd all stand tall
while you shone like the sun

now your so foolish
now your so plain
you lost all your wit
you lost all your game
and the last of your luck has run out
with your name

so go freshen up
before you give these
nice people
a great big scare

ill keep up
ill be strong
ill be fair
ill be tough
ill be more
than you said
Track Name: June
i broke my knees
i fell down
i broke my knees
and i learnt how to frown
i think that
i tried my best
i fought and fell just like
all of the rest
but we stood with ease
we stood fast
we stood with ease once
and we shared a laugh
we stood for love
and we sang
we stood for love
now we stand between bullets
and royal demands
with guns in our hands

so i did
what i was told
so i became
unforgiving and bold
i took to the
frozen street
i took to the ground
with the soles
of my feet
but i loved you
i was for real
i loved you
i loved the way
you made me feel
i loved you
i was for true
i loved you
now all thats left
is this painful song
dressed in blue
and those kisses
from June
Track Name: Haste
searching for that
old familiar taste
finding out that
it was all but
wasted on uncertainty
to finally pay
the debts that i have owed
to put an end
to all the sorrow
that you sowed
while i sat back
and watched them grow

so flap your wings
and fly away
into the foreign skies
pay no mind towards
the clinging grip
of fallen ties
Track Name: To The Moon
We've walked to the moon and back
still, there's something amiss
with the rivers, they seem so dry.
We toss and turn around in deep slumber
its evading me tonight
And I know you told me to go
when I didnt know any better.
Once more the walls they've held me in captive
the simplest of matters, they bury me under the dirt.
Sunday morning, the sun so bright, shining
still so alone.
And I know you know where to go
won't you let me know, before it's too late.

And if every single time the sun starts to set
you close your eyes and try to forget
all the blunders we commit
I know you feel the need to, I feel it too
your heart is only as strong as mine
'cause we can't resist the temptation.

Through the night the storm it craves silence
while others its taken, it passes me by too slow.
And then we stand, we stand atop mountains
all day long

And if every single time the sun starts to set
you close your eyes and try to forget
all the blunders we commit
I know you feel the need to, I feel it too
your heart is only as strong as mine
'cause we can't resist the temptation.